The air we breathe, what we eat and drink and even whatever touches our skin can have major impacts on our health. Just because products have an effect does not mean that they are safe, and products which are safe are often found not be very effective. At Maxx4, we do not compromise.

Our mission is simple: Naturally safe ingredients are THE priority, we always look to nature for inspiration and solutions and our ingredients are always (where possible) derived from organic sources.

We are as strict about what we use in our products as we are about what we leave out. We have a “No” list of ingredients we will never use. If there is an organic option we will use it. Why run the risk of pesticides etc. when you don’t have to? We believe in the precautionary path, which means if there isn’t clear proof that an ingredient is safe, we don’t use it.

Our values have always been deeply rooted in the four essential deliverables we demand of every product we sell.

Each product must be:


1. It cannot risk damaging our health in any way. It has to be paraben free. We know the best naturally-derived and plant-derived ingredients may cost a little more, especially if they are organic; however, we take pride in investing in what matters most.

We are aware that in modern times many people are very sensitive to chemicals so we tend not use any artificial fragrances whatsoever; keeping our products as natural as possible is our goal. For the same reason we do not use artificial colourants either.

Many companies producing products have to use artificial preservatives in them, especially if those products are not going to be kept in the fridge.This is normally needed because those products contain water (where mould and bacteria can grow). At Maxx4 we are very proud to say that currently none of our products have water in them so none need artificial preservatives. They are pure and not watered down one iota!


2. It’s got to do the job extremely well. We are passionate about our customers getting results.

Maxx4 relies on word of mouth to bring new customers and to grow our business. That means our products are so good and our customers are so excited about the results that they tell others. We put a huge burden on ourselves to create products that are unmatched in the marketplace. They must absolutely be the best-performing products available. This is our current and long term goal.


3. From carefully selecting biodegradable and naturally derived ingredients, to responsible manufacturing practices and dramatically minimising waste, we strive to produce eco-friendly products. We are committed to growing our ‘tomorrow’ by doing our part today in ways that matter most. Maxx4 strictly follows the Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) system for manufacturing. This is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. It is designed to minimise the risks involved in any pharmaceutical production that cannot be eliminated through testing the final product.


4. It has to be a good value for our customers. Even though we are using the best quality ingredients available we know people have a limit to that which they consider to be good value. Because we manufacture our own products and don’t waste huge sums in advertisements, we are able to lower costs. Then, we pass these savings back to our customers, making our safe, top quality products good value for money and affordable.

Every product we produce takes these four values into account. This is what defines our Philosophy.