Maxx4’s Customer Connect Programme


Creating a Lifestyle founded on health and wellbeing, and supported with education and world class quality products, it says everything there is to say about Maxx4’s approach to life! 

Whether it’s “internal” health with our range of oils, vapes, teas, supplements and of course our delicious caramels! … or our “external” range of massage oils, balms, or our exclusive natural AND science based Joven skin care range, 

Whatever your choice, you are assured of the highest potency, quality and purity when you use our natural, organic range of wellbeing products, all of which play their role in supporting your personal wellbeing. 

And it is because this company was built with the sole intention of giving as many people as possible to benefit from our ever growing range of products, that we have created our Customer Connect Programme. 

We are genuinely proud of this programme because we believe it to be a breakthrough idea that leads the way in the fast growing lifestyle sector. 

Our mission statement behind this is “APPRECIATE, CELEBRATE, EDUCATE”, which will be rolling out in full during 2021 … so in the meantime …. 




CUSTOMER CONNECT is exclusive to our treasured customers and allows all of us at Maxx4, to show our appreciation for your loyalty in choosing our products. 

Simply by opening a free CUSTOMER CONNECT account, every time as you continue to order, you will now begin to accrue CONNECT LOYALTY POINTS. 

As your CONNECT LOYALTY POINTS add up, you can begin to use them against purchases, giving you even more value with our world class products and ultimately ending up having some products FOR FREE! 

If this helps you improve your overall wellbeing by now being able to try a wider range of our products, then we will be truly delighted for you … that way, everyone wins! 

In addition, you will receive monthly offers, discounts and incentives that are EXCLUSIVE to our Customer Connect members, and we can keep you informed of all new developments as they happen. 

And here’s where it gets even better!  


So many of our customers naturally tell their friends and family about our products, because of how good they feel using them. This is so satisfying for us at Maxx4 and we love to hear all the stories when friends and family members start ordering and join our community as a result. 

Because we believe in building a community and thanking those who share their own stories, we’ve created something else.

As soon as you are a CUSTOMER CONNECT member, we can now celebrate those new customers joining our community by thanking YOU in an additional way. Every time a person who buys products because YOU have recommended us to them, we are going to give you  CONNECT REFERRAL points as well. 

This means that when you add them to your CONNECT LOYALTY POINTS you can now use your points to get products for FREE! 

We can’t wait to be shipping these out to our customers because it means that someone somewhere is trying out our product range for the first time and THAT is something to celebrate! 

Coming Soon


So the first two parts of our mission statement are available from the launch 

The third part, Educate, will be launched in the first half of 2021. 

However, let’s take a look at why we are so proud of this new approach to business and customer care. 


At Maxx4 we believe in education, not sales. 

The more you understand about how incredible the systems that we have been working to support and protect our bodies, the more we know how to care for ourselves. 

The more, therefore, you understand how our products can support and actually feed your body and therefore support your body’s miraculous abilities, the more equipped you are to extend your level of personal care for you AND for those you care about. 

While this makes sense, in increasingly busy lives, the irony is we seldom have the time or the energy to make an effort to learn more. So, at Maxx4 we are working on solving that problem for you by delivering a series of educational videos that will do just that. 

What this means to you, is that you can better understand aspects of health and wellbeing AND we can also explain how and why Maxx4 products can be the ideal solution. But, as we say, this is not about sales, it’s about education and not just for our customers, we are also intending to make these of interest to children as well .. if we can begin to get children truly interested in their own wellbeing, we are hoping to make a real impact as they grow into adults. 

How will I know when the EDUCATE part is ready?

EASY! You will hear through the membership updates that you will find in your customer account, along with how to share any information to those you believe will benefit from new information on wellbeing and our Maxx4 product range. 

How to register for the Maxx4 Connect programme … 

Connect with the person who introduced you to Maxx4 and they will Guide you through the process. 

See you in the community and, once again … THANK YOU!

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