In this huge emerging market there is still confusion about CBD. Many people are wondering what it is, is it legal, and increasingly importantly, what to look for in an oil. There are 3 different areas in the industry of Cannabis:

Still illegal in many countries, this has very high levels of THC (up to as much as 25%) which is the component that makes you high but very low levels of CBD- the health supporting ingredient.

This is available on prescription only for few chronic conditions (such as cancer) and is high in THC and high in CBD.

Naturally low in THC and high in CBD.

Our Maxx4 oil is a pure natural oil extracted from the Industrial Hemp plant. Because this plant is naturally high in CBD and low in THC we don’t need to interfere with it to deliver exactly the results from a health perspective to our customers. Once diluted by our carrier oil it complies with EU legislation of being less than 0.2% THC.

What makes our oil so special?

  • It starts with the seed of course which is premium quality, organic and EU certified.
  • It is grown as nature intended in organic conditions in the south of Spain under the local sun (no artificial lighting or poly tunnels needed here)
  • It’s then dried naturally under the Spanish Sun.

Whenever we harvest a new batch of plants we firstly screen the oil at our own lab to make sure there are no contaminants or pollutants to comply with our organic high standards. A sample is then sent to a government sponsored lab to be independently tested for purity and of course legality, (complying with the law re THC content). This means our customers can rest assured that every bottle we produce is pure, consistent quality and legal.

Many oils are derived from just the stalk which is the cheapest part of the plant. The trouble here is the stalk contains no terpenes or THC to speak of, so the end user misses out on the “full entourage effect” of using the whole plant, which can reduce its effectiveness by a significant degree. At Maxx4 we use the whole plant including the leaves, flowers and buds which have the highest concentration of these small but highly important elements.

The extraction method is critical to produce a pure oil with no contamination at the same time as retaining the all-important components of the oil like the terpenes and THC in place. Maxx4 uses super critical CO2 extraction, which is known in the industry to be by far the best extraction method. The machinery requires significant investment and is capable of producing 100,000 bottles of oil a day! Obviously this sort of machinery is out of reach of most smaller companies.

It is important to not heat the oil to any degree as this will destroy the all-important terpenes in the plant so we use a centrifuge machine to separate the oil from the wax. The oil is then passed through a number of fine grade filters so that you are left with nothing but oil that is uncontaminated, pure and intact. At a cellular level the ingredients within the oil work synergistically to obtain optimum results which of course is exactly what you, the customer is looking for.

Once extracted, the CBD oil is deliberately mixed with a carrier oil for several reasons:

To increase the viscosity of the oil so when dropped under the tongue it spreads immediately all around the mouth for maximum apportion as soon as possible through the thin lining of the mouth into the blood stream. If held in the mouth without swallowing for up to two minutes absorption will be around 80%. This is important because when the oil goes into the stomach it is severely damaged by the stomach acids – as much as 75% can be lost. This is why we don’t produce capsules.

We are one of the few manufacturers to use cold pressed organic sunflower seed oil. Why is this? Firstly this oil is quite expensive to buy at this quality which is why many will not use it. Cold pressed sunflower seed oil is very high in lecithins (unlike the cheap sunflower oil found in supermarkets). Lecithins significantly help the absorption of the CBD, THC and terpenes at a cellular level. This is one of the reasons our customers great such great results with our oil.